WideSphere Technology

WidSphereToday’s factory installed car audio systems are littered with poor speaker placement in a highly reflective environment that is not conducive to high performance audio listening. Replacing these speakers with high quality aftermarket units can provide better tonal quality but proper staging and imaging is still compromised due to these poor speaker installations. In the past, an elaborate and costly custom installation would be required to place the speakers in the proper location for optimum staging and imaging. With the introduction of MB QUART’s new groundbreaking WideSphere™ -Technology, those days are gone!

The heart of the WideSphere™ system is the new and unique tweeter technology now available throughout our Premium, Reference and Discus Series with its inverted titanium dome and high performance neodymium ring magnet. An extraordinarily wide radiation angle, an extremely low resonance frequency and tremendous power handling combined with outstanding linearity are the result of intensive research, computer simulations and decade-long experience with ultra light titanium as source material for tweeter domes. The use of new materials coupled with exhaustive engineering and tuning time leads to a specially defined connection of cap and surround calculated to the closest tolerances and a result far ahead of our competition. The spaciousness, precision and power handling all contribute to the new tweeter’s superb tonal balance in both on-axis and off-axis installations. Simply put, this is the most versatile high performance tweeter ever built for the car! This passion started in 1997 with the introduction of the first MB QUART Q-Line component system and continues today with the all new WideSphere™-Technology laden systems.

WideSphere™ is MB Quart’s name for a new inverted dome titanium tweeter design. WideSphere is an undisputable quantum leap forward in car audio technology. After years of research, MB Quart acoustical engineers developed a unique inverted titanium dome tweeter with asymmetrically curvature. What’s so unique? The new MB Quart inverted dome tweeter has a usable frequency range extending to 30kHz.

Why WideSphere?
Because Every Seat Becomes The Best Seat

Discus Series speakers utilize WideSphere’s 180-degree sound dispersion technology which addresses a speaker’s inherent directional dispersion and beaming problems. WideSphere eliminates high frequency beaming permitting your MB Quart speakers to be positioned and mounted almost anywhere. And, now you can be seated almost anywhere too.

This unique asymmetrically shaped, pure RoHs titanium based, inverted dome is bonded to MB Quart’s proprietary closed-cell tangent-edge tweeter surround using aerospace adhesives. The end-result is a tweeter with off-axis dispersion 98% nearly identical to on-axis. This outstanding off-axis performance eliminates speaker directionality and high-frequency beaming permitting you and your MB Quart speakers to be positioned almost anywhere. So now every seat is the best seat for hearing your music. That is, as long as you have MB Quart loudspeaker’s with WideSphere Technology.