PREMIUM - Demanding Requirements

When MB QUART decided to design a premium subwoofer, they knew that it had to meet the high expectations of the MB QUART customer. It has to demonstrate all of the attributes that distinguish MB QUART from their competitors including sound quality, high output, unique design and reliability. One look at the new PWH subwoofer of MB QUART’s Premium-Line and all characteristics are clearly evident. The honeycomb cone and high roll surround provide the strength and excursion necessary for proper low frequency performance.

The 3” voice coil is mated to a custom molded cone support that spreads all of the pistons energy effectively across the entire cone body. This improves sound quality by reducing cone distortion common in larger subwoofers. Connecting your woofer is also a breeze with the new series/parallel wiring terminal. All connections are mounted on one end of the woofer and simple jumpers allow for series and parallel wiring without complication. A paintable plastic screw concealing ring provides the final cosmetic touch to an already incredible looking woofer.

PWH 302
PWH 304
Premium Specs