Premium MB Quart Technology
Ultra-Wide & Completely Encompassing Sound

Few loudspeaker brands last the test of time like the technically superior MB Quart brand. MB Quart loudspeakers and audio transducer products have featured leading-edge technology since 1963. In 2008 MB Quart’s continues this legacy with its new inverted titanium dome WideSphere™ tweeter technology. MB Quart’s 2008 Premium Series of convertible component / coaxial speakers showcase this high-frequency transducer technology.

MB Quart’s new inverted-dome titanium tweeter design represents a quantum leap in tweeter transducer technology. MB Quart’s inverted titanium dome with its unique geometry is the result of years of acoustical research and advanced acoustical mathematics. In a class all its own, the new MB Quart inverted dome tweeter, offers an Fs of 1110Hz (Free-Air Resonance). WideSphere™ PTI40 tweeter designs have a usable frequency response range of 900Hz to 30kHz. Uniquely shaped, this inverted dome is coupled to a proprietary surround that permits visible excursion. With off-axis dispersion measurements nearly identical to on-axis, this design is aptly named WideSphere™.



Key engineering features and specifications for MB Quart’s new WideSphere™ tweeter include; RoHS pure Titanium material, BTT heat sinking, self-damped open-cell micro-foam surround suspension, high-flux N40H rated Neodymium power rings, dual-layer copper-clad aluminum VC wire, precision aluminum VC formers, and a massive 100Wrms / 200Wmax power-handing capability.

MB Quart Premium speakers offering WideSphere™ technology join the largest product introduction in MB Quart’s history. This introduction includes two new 1000W Premium Series dual voice-coil subwoofers featuring polished cast aluminum baskets, 3-inch voice coils, polypropylene cones and 120oz. motor structures. Delivery of the MB Quart Premium products is filling dealer backorders now. MB Quart now offers the following 2008 Premium Speaker Series;