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MB Quart Alexxa B-One Bookshelf Speaker Review: 5/5/08

Audioholics Senior Staff Writer, J.Walker Clarke, Jr. rave review quotes about MB Quart’s Alexxa B-One speakers;

Alexxa B-Ones………………
1. And it all sounded fantastic.
2. They immediately projected a focused, detailed sound that was pleasing to my ears.
3. It was immediately apparent in my listening tests that the Alexxa B-Ones are designed for the critical listener.
4. And these speakers are not harsh. Understanding this, the Alexxa's are some of most detailed speakers I have had the pleasure of listening to.
5. The speakers easily reveal the loss in fidelity that results from the compression so common on
today's records.
6. They present a very detailed reproduction of music, and there is also great detail in the fit and finish.
7. In fact, listening to vocal music on these speakers was always a gratifying experience.
8. This is one of the many areas of this speaker that screams "you get what you pay for."
9. And detail is what these speakers are all about.
10. The fit and finish of the speaker is flawless. The assembly is weighty and solid - very well crafted.