Hooked-on water music MB Quart’s Nautic line-up is spearheaded by marine grade versions of MB Quart’s famous neodymium driven Titanium dome tweeters. The new Nautic Series neo-tweeters are the result of our engineer’s marine specific acoustical research. MB Quart’s tweeter design addresses dispersion problems common to a boat’s open-air listening environment. The Nautic tweeter’s dispersion characteristics are so wide that all off-axis listening positions are enhanced. Discover Nautic’s advantages like the new more efficient mid-woofer motor magnet assemblies and marine-grade injection molded cones. MB Quart’s Nautic lineup includes component system sets complete with built-in crossovers. Rounding out the Nautic line are marine-grade subwoofers and unique amplification especially suited for pounding waves. Leave behind a wake of music with MB Quart’s Nautic products.


Marine Audio