MB Quart

The origin of MB Quart’s actual name shows our deep rooted commitment to the precise reproduction of music. Feeling the music, experiencing the music, recreating the music, MB Quart is setting new standards for the premium performance sector loudspeakers in both design and performance. MB Quart’s loudspeaker technology has grown from being a past design leader in a category where the recorded music starts, e.g. the studio microphone. By mastering the recorded music’s delicate beginning via our professional microphone expertise enables our engineers to easily understand the criteria needed to design and engineer top performance speaker models for both audio and home theatre applications. This very same microphone engineering prowess has resulted in some of the finest performing MB Quart headphones. Headphones simply put, are just microphones in reverse. MB Quart is one of few manufacturers who can claim to have mastered the precise reproduction of music on such a grand scale.

Your MB Quart loudspeaker choices start with the classic tower floor-standing model loudspeakers followed by the stand-mount and bookshelf models. For the home theater, the same accuracy of music reproduction is offered in MB Quart’s tiered family of in-wall and in-ceiling line-up.



It’s MB Quart’s attention to detail that makes our loudspeakers stand out from the crowded field. Our impressive portfolio of technologies, in both driver and cabinet design genuinely improve your listening experience with accuracy of tonal character, resolution of fine detail and our presentation of a realistic sound stage between the speakers. We actually suggest auditioning every loudspeaker model in the MB Quart home audio line-up. After just one listening session of any MB Quart loudspeaker, the conclusion will be obvious. Somewhere in your home, you will be enjoying and feeling the music with MB Quart.

MBQuart, Autotek, Crunch, Hifonics, and Maxxsonics are all part of the parent company of Maxxsonics USA. Maxxsonics USA, based in Chicago, IL., is made up of industry veterans of the car audio, home audio and vehicle convenience world.

Maxxsonics USA's dedication to your enjoyment of your vehicle is unparalleled. We focus on bringing excellent products at a wide range of prices. From entry level to high performance we offer some of the finest products on the market today.

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