Performance Auto & Sound Magazine Reviews the
MB Quart DSH216 Component Speaker Kit

Review Conclusion...
"As it turns out, my fears of the change of manufacturing venue were pretty much unfounded, this system definitely sounds like an MB Quart system should, and the only things I noticed dramatically different were the packaging and the lack of wire. So fear not, if you were an MB Quart fan before, you still will be today. For the money, you’d be hard pressed to get a much better sounding 6.5” component set than the MB Quart Discus series. They are well made, good sounding, and if your tastes run to preferring a system with a strong yet smooth top end, they should be on the top of your list of systems to audition." Read the complete review>>

Performance Auto & Sound Magazine Reviews the
MB Quart Reference RVF 216 Component Speaker Kit

"The MB Quart brand of loudspeakers has long been highly regarded as one of the industry’s reference brands in terms of quality, construction and great sound." Read more>>

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High Rollers:
MB QUART Q 216 Signature under test

"Anyone who wants superb sound can't pass by the MB QUART!"
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