MB Quart Discus DWI Series Subwoofers

MB Quart’s new Discus Series Subwoofer fills the needs of car audio enthusiasts everywhere who desire to assemble an impressive car audio system. The Discus subwoofer accomplishes this and more yet still leaves some cash in the bank.

The Discus subwoofer’s DWI abbreviation could stand for “Driving While Inspired” because the music sounds so real and the bass is so lifelike. Discus subwoofers are perfect for bringing up the bass in any car audio audio system similarly utilizing MB Quart’s new WideSphere™ inverted dome titanium tweeters will equally clarify the treble. Discus subwoofers can easily be used solo or in pairs because the enclosure requirements regardless whether a sealed or vented design is applied can be as small as ½ cu. ft of internal airspace. On the flipside, if you want SPL in mass quantities, a single 12-inch Discus Subwoofer in a slot-ported enclosure is extremely impressive. We suggest checking to see what the local penalties could be for unrestrained music exuberance.
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DWI 252
DWI 254
DWI 302
DWI 304