DISCUS - Makes the Difference 

MB Quart’s new Discus entry-level speakers offer incredible performance…even with moderately sized-amplification. So don’t be surprised when you discover these speakers sound great even when powered at half of their recommended maximum wattage. The reason for the new Discus Series speaker’s phenomenal sound quality is WideSphere Technology. What you are about to learn is how MB Quart’s new WideSphere Technology makes “Every Seat, The Best Seat” for hearing your music”. Now, the single sweet spot seat for optimum sound becomes a virtual car full.
Discus Features>>

DKH 110
4” Coaxial Speaker Set
DSH 216
6 ½” Coaxial Speaker Set
DSH 213
5 ¼” Coaxial Speaker Set
DTH 169
6 x 9” Tri-axial Speaker Set
DKH 169
6 x 9” Coaxial Speaker Set
DKH 168
6 x 8” Coaxial Speaker Set
DKH 116
6 ½” Coaxial Speaker Set
DKH 113
5 ¼” Coaxial Speaker Set
DTK - 30
1.2 " Tweeter Kit