MB Quart Discus Series

MB Quart’s Discus line aptly inherited its name from the Olympic Pentathlon competition which not only required brute strength but also took outstanding skill to successfully perform. As such, the Discus series is about successfully harnessing brute power and skillfully applying audio technology. WideSphere tweeter technology once only found in much higher priced MB Quart speakers, debuts in this year in Discus coaxial and component sets. This technology benefit alone certifies the Discus first-class value for the money. Discover even more value when you select a complete matching system by adding Discus subwoofers and amplifiers to your chosen Discus speaker array. Discus represents 1st class value, with no shortcuts or compromises. With Discus, your music, your excitement, your needs and your savings are in perfect harmony. Let the new Discus line-up bring it all together for you.